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About us

The idea behind is to simplify the knowledge and information regarding the accounting profession and industry.

Have you ever been in these situations:

Certain accounting terms and knowledge are just confusing. Professional terms and complicated contexts can be overwhelming because accounting revolves around rules and regulations.

However, sometimes, we just need a basic understanding or a quick answer. Perhaps you need to solve a homework question, or you want to be prepared for a job interview, or you need a starting point for research. 

The online information about the accounting career or industry is often generic and/or biased.

Sometimes, we only need a simple answer or a truthful opinion about this career. How hard is it? How much can I actually make? Is it even a good idea to study accounting?

Therefore, was born. Let's share simplified knowledge and honest information about the accounting profession.

Good question. If you are an accountant, the chance is at a certain point in your career, you probably have joked about how mundane and stressful this job is.

So when I had this idea of creating a website sharing simplified accounting knowledge and information, my first impression about this career was, “Man, this is a sad job.”

But do I really feel so depressed about being an accountant? Not really. Otherwise, I would have switched many years ago. Why? It’s because this career has its perks, such as job security and a high career ceiling, along with an unlimited amount of knowledge and exploration.

So am I actually sad? Not really. So, calling it “sad accountant” is more of a satire 🙂

My name is Leslie Luu, and I am a seasoned accountant with 10+ years of experience in both public accounting and industry.

Our editorial team is a collaborative network of accounting friends, each with a specialty in areas like GL accounting, technical accounting, financial reporting, bookkeeping, audit, and taxation. Our goal is to share knowledge that’s as reliable as it is insightful, from people who know and love accounting.

When it comes to accounting knowledge, the goal of is to provide visitors with an easier time understanding specific accounting rules and guidance. Just like when you are visiting a professor’s office hour, they would not read some guidance word by word without giving you some easy-to-understand explanation.

However, if you need advanced knowledge or citations, it is always recommended to perform thorough research and/or seek professional advice. Here is the full disclaimer.